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Code of Conduct (Revised 16/04/18)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:14 pm
by eveh
We expect you to adhere to a code of conduct to ensure that our site can be as enjoyable and as safe as possible for everyone.
If you find anyone breaking the code of conduct, please be sure to report them discreetly using the report function on their profile.

Be respectful - treat others the way you would like to be treated!
If you're going to say something that could be hurtful to another user - don't bother saying it. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you'd feel if you were treated in such a way.

Don't swear - we like to keep the site clean!
Minebook isn't a trash can, don't go swearing at other users, or even just as general practice please.

Online Dating - NOT ALLOWED
Online Dating isn't allowed - no matter how much you "love" someone, please keep it for elsewhere.
Do not harass people about their gender and please don't talk about your girlfriends or boyfriends either, this will encourage those younger than you to participate in such behavior.

If someone wants you to leave them alone - LEAVE THEM ALONE.
We shouldn't have to ask you to leave someone alone if they've already asked you. If you're worried that someone is just always on your wall and you can't stand it - please report them.

Please don't run your competitions or sell using Minebook - you could get into trouble!
We play it safe and disallow users to host competitions on Minebook, besides - there's the official ones!
Where selling is concerned, please don't promote anything you're selling.
If you scam (or are scammed by) someone while on Minebook, we hold no responsibility for it. If someone decides to take legal action you could get into trouble.

There are certain things you can't discuss at Minebook
Because some users can be hurt by the following topics, we disallow them:








    Illegal Activity

Please don't upload images of yourself.
We don't want people to use images of you for the wrong reasons, or to steal your identity.

Giving away your email or details from any other social platform or network is at your own will - but please remember you are leaving the jurisdiction of Minebook when you do so.
We do not allow sensitive details to be distributed, this includes but is not limited to:

    Phone Numbers


    Bank Details


REMEMBER: When you click a link, you are leaving Minebook!

Don't spam!
Keep it clean! Don't repeat messages over and over or say ridiculously pointless things for the sake of it.

All rules apply in chat. Specific rules are:

    Don't post tall images

    Don't post an abundant number of images in a short period of time

    If you want to speak in another language, change the chat channel.

The forums are not a chat room.

    Try to be as civilized as much as possible.

    Don't bump up old posts or topics for the sake of it!

    Don't bump your own topics! If you have to add to them - it's better just to use the edit button.

Respect our staff - what they say goes!
We try to be as respectful as possible to everyone, but please don't argue with our staff, or disrespect them. If you wish to dispute an action they've taken, please submit evidence and a detailed explanation of the situation to contact(@t)

Use common sense!
The rules are constantly being revised, and users are encouraged to use common sense as this isn't always a complete list of rules - we can punish users for actions not listed here where necessary.
Remember: If in doubt - ask a moderator!