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Galactic Realms 24/7

PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:52 pm
by jimmy14764
An Adventure That’ll Take You Among The Stars

What kind of server is this?
Well, this is a 1.8.1 “Factions” server. Basically, you create factions and invite your friends, to dominate the server. Or to just have fun. Either way, with out a faction, you’re most likely gonna have a bad time. So do /f create [name], and get started! We do indeed have McMMO enabled, but the highest cap is 3000. We have nerfed certain aspects so that players will still have the same experience in battle. GalacticRealms has a finite amount of plugins that are there to help your server experience be the funnest. This server will be a way to help you make friends, and betray the ones you dislike! (Isn’t it fabulous?)

Do you have Voting Sites?
Indeed we do! We have 6 delicious voting sites, all connected to the server. But it tracks your IP, and your player name, so duping your vote count is practically impossible. Also, staff will be watching to see if your vote count gets too high, to see if you’re cheating. Everytime you vote, you get a bountiful bounty of rewards and money, as well as a chance to receive certain items in-game! Also, the top 3 voters of each month get a super special reward of some sort at the end of the month! (I can hear your mouth watering at the deliciousness of this server!)

Why should I even join this server?
Because why wouldn’t you?! We have DDoS Protection, awesome staff, epic warps, great rewards and the chance to give you all a great experience! And if you love us, bring your friends! All players are welcome! Psh, even logging in let’s us know that you took the time to join our server. (You can’t wait, can’t cha?)

What kind of products do you have in the “Donation Store”?
We have nothing right now, but we have plans to add Ranks, In-Game Money, McMMO, Kits, Tokens, Rank Upgrades, and much more! And don’t forget, each Rank gets a kit of it’s own so you can go own PvP! Our prices will be reasonable with the item that we are selling. (You’re probably melting in your seat)

Will GalacticRealms have events?
Of course we will! They won’t be planned, but if someone comes up with an idea, and a reasonable amount of players support it, then damn right we’ll do that event! DropParties/VoteParties may or may not happen in a timed fashion, but we’ll try to get them set up for you. But at every Player Milestone, there will be an epic party to behold! (I can tell that you guys can’t even take it anymore, you’re gonna explode in excitement)

Anything else you need to tell us?
Of course! Plenty! But I’ll keep it short. Please keep the chat clean. We don’t want any rudeness, or racism. Failure to comply to the rules will result in the punishment associated with the rule being set on you. Remember to have fun guys! PvP until you perish, build until you break, and socialize until you fall asleep! (You: JUST FINISH ALREADY SO WE CAN PLAY)

Can we go play on this epic server now?!
Of course you can! Welcome… To… GALACTICREALMS!! (Cheers)

-The GalacticRealms Staff Team